Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back for good!

Heya everyone! How's everybody? =)

Just came back from my 'beloved' shyt hole and guess what? I AIN'T GOING BACK THERE ANYMORE!

What a relief, and what a joy! *dance around like madman*

Frankly speaking, I'm pretty tired of blogger keep screwing up my blog layout and due to my sudden and long-term MIA from the internet, (which I had often whine about) my love for blogging has died. Not completely, but I dare say it's 80% gone.

Living in that shyt hole turned me into a totally different person. And one of it is how to be an introvert. I can now call myself a full time otaku; I can live on instant food only; I can survive without internet; I'm loosing my lameness and becoming more and more of a GEEK. (This is PROVEN!)

I want my old self back! Somebody HELPPPPPP MEEEEEE!!!

Ehem, anyway, back to the topic, if anyone of you want advice to choose or not to choose matric, feel free to e-mail me. I promise I won't go all 'Matric is good!' or 'It totally sucks'. (I vote for the later thou.) I'll tell you guys the story, of living and surviving as a matriculation student. =)

But for now, I shall be on the journey of self-discovery and soul searching. I'll TRY to update this blog from time-to-time. *smiles*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Leaving the shyt hole



Friday, February 12, 2010


Listening to: Abracadabra~ Brown Eyed Girls~

Its Chinese New Year! The exciting festival where we collect ang paos, gather with friends and family, and indulge in nice nice food. Whee~ =)

Thursday was one of my best day ever but I didn't get to blog about it cause my broadband was slower than a snail.

I always complain about my broadband don't I? Nevermind, I shall not talk about it anymore. Its not like Celcom will do anything about it. *roll eyes* Just pray hard I'll get a high speed line in uni.

So back to my wonderful Thursday. I played soccer with my practicum mates and it was awesome! Had a great laugh on that day. The guys were goalkeepers and referee and the rest of us girls went crazy on the field.

Kak Ain's shoe flew up into the sky like a parabolic function, Swee Ching fell hard on her butt cause Jijjah bang onto her so hard until she need 2 people to drag her out of the field. Lim was the best goal keeper on our team and we won 4-0! Almost everyone fell cause the synthetic grass was too slippery.

And of course, the best scene of the day goes to Jijjah. Cause she fell down like this:

The ball hit her feet, somehow she slipped and fell. She used her hands to break her fall and since the rules says we can't touch the ball, she ended up shielding the ball. It was so funny that all of us couldn't stop laughing XD

On the same day, we had 3 hours break cause our English Lecturer had a very bad tooth ache. Not that I wanna be mean but everyone was happy that the class was canceled. (who wouldn't be?) =))

And and and! The best thing was I saw a comet when I was on my way to a discussion! I saw it with Nora and we were both so excited! *jumps up and down* First time in my life I saw a real comet! Hehe~ Hope my wish will come true soon! =D

It was not this huge. Just a small one. =)

One thing that I'll really miss after I graduate from that shyt hole will probably be the night sky. Almost every night the sky is filled with REAL stars and not man-made satellites. There was once we even spotted a horoscope!

Lately had the urge to learn dancing. Thanks to my floormates who are constantly streaming Wonder Girls, GG and Brown Eyed Girls videos. Siti tried teaching me how to move my hips and she said I made it looked like my hip bones tercabut. =/



Have a safe journey and have fun with your loved ones. <3>

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Before I shut my eyes

Listening to: I like you, I love you ~Kagamine Rin~

Before I go to bed, let me share with you a very interesting totally adorable <3 video!

You don't have to understand Japanese to watch it. It's English Subbed.

Which makes the whole thing so cute!

Maybe Taiwan/Korean dramas directors or scriptwriters should consider this scene in their dramas. Save all the tears and heartbreaks and trouble. Pfft.

Sorry my dear blog readers, I'll try to come up with more productive and interesting blog posts in the future. Meanwhile, bear with all these lame lame post of mine.

I do understand why the minister tries to revert back Science and Maths to Bahasa, somehow part of the reason is to 'Memartabatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan'. (Which I strongly disagree to because I personally believe that to memartabatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan, we can have other ways apart from menjahanamkan our future generations' Science and Maths)

Well, sorry if the above statement was a little harsh but hey, its just a personal view. Besides, I'm not here to talk politics.

I was Facebook-ing with my friends and I left a comment on my friend's picture

Klu (short form for: kalau) sayang, masa kuliah belanja makan.
Which translates into: If you do sayang me, treat us some food during lecture.

And surprisingly, my friend commented back 'x (tak) faham'

'Har? Apa yang tak faham?'

'Bahasa apa tu? Belanja tu apa?'

'Bukan BM ke?'

I'm not sure if they're just joking that they don't understand but as far as I can remember (if I'm not wrong), 'belanja' means ' to spend' and in daily conversation it can be used as 'to treat somebody'.

Another case , my friends kept using the word 'reti' which means 'know/understand'

So there was once when I say 'Eh yang ini saya tak erti lah'

'Erti? Apa tu?'

'*scratch head* Erti? You know, as in understand?'

After that, I found out that the word they used was 'reti' which was bahasa pasar, they spell it as 'reti' but the actual word for it was 'Erti' , same for the word belanja, but they spell it as blanje or something like that.

My friends they (a few of them ) like to tease my BM. I am trying my best to speak BM as frequent as possible so that they don't get intimidated by my English. (Yes, they get intimidated by English speaking people there) And I believe that my BM is not THAT bad, right?

I am using Bahasa Baku and you're using Bahasa Pasar. Wanna memartabatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan? Start by using less Bahasa Pasar and stop SMS-ing in super short form BM sms-es that I cannot understand. Save my trouble of going around asking people what it means.

Mom, you seriously need to attend a Microsoft Office workshop.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Music: God Knows ~Aya Hirano~
Hmm~ How long was I gone?

Oh yeah, VERY LONG.

Somehow, this mid-sem break feels different. For once, I actually think of what to do when I get back home. Unlike the past sem breaks, I would be sitting at home, sleeping till noon, watch anime like a zombie with my mom screaming at me to go find my friends.

So how's school everyone? FUN???

LOL! No sarcasm there. College life for me is like shyt. Why? Cause of exams and meetings. I did the unspeakable for my Maths paper. I've always thought that Maths are for geniuses and people like me would never ever find the logic and fun behind it. Unlike Biology, Physics and Chemistry, when you learn something, you would go 'Ohhhh so THAT'S how it works!' But for Maths, after solving a question, you would go 'YAY! I solved it! Next~'

I swear I'm not gonna take advanced maths when I go Uni. Its torture for my soul and my brain.

Apart from the exams, there are also a few things to look forward to in Melaka. The Chinese New Year celebration @ Malam Muhibah @ Malam 1 Malaysia will be held on February before Chap Goh Meh, I'll be cosplaying as Kamui from Tsubasa Chronicles in conjunction with the fashion show. My first time cosplaying! Thanks to Nina Haku, she saved my ass from all the sewing. =) (Its HER costume anyway)

Another thing I would look forward to is the graduation in April. (Final exam on the same month) After that would be a full 2 months of rotting before entering university.

My aim is to have a cosplay debut this year at Comic Fiesta. Hopefully I'll get to join Nina and her friends cosplaying characters from Mahou Shojou Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Fate's costume looks complicated but I'll do my best! >.<

Anyways, Pn Ang asked the seniors to go help out at the Annual Drill Camp which will be held in MGS school grounds at 9.30 a.m. Lets go grill all the lembik juniors. WAHAHA XD

I think thats all for now. Happy belated New Year! May this new year brings you great joy, fun and laughter. (And also good luck. *wink*)

Until next time!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lazy, hungry and sleepy.

Listening to: Love Game ~Lady Gaga~

I'm bored. Feeling sick. Hungry. Lazy.

All at the same time.

I'm gonna update random stuffs from now onwards. Not that my life is very interesting anyway.

Maybe I should introduce my crazy college mates to the world someday. *In deep thoughts*


On second thought, maybe not.

I ran out of stuffs to say. I'm loosing my readers too and I think I know why. As much as I wanna comment on you guys' blogs, Blogger won't let me do so. So just you know, I DO keep up with the updates even when I'm 300+ km away from muah beloved home.